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Orlando Housing Market Report Video – April 2014

Orlando’s housing market continues to see across-the-board increases in median prices, with each sales type and each home type recording positive year-to-year comparisons in April.

The overall median price for the month of April is $163,000, a 13.43 percent increase over the April 2013 median price of $143,700. (In addition, the April overall median price is 1.88 percent above that of the $160,000 posted last month.) In fact, Orlando’s overall median price has recorded year-to-year gains for 33 consecutive months and has risen 41.13 percent since July 2011.

Homes of all types spent an average of 77 days on the market before coming under contract in April 2014, and the average home sold for 96.29 percent of its listing price. In April 2013 those numbers were 76 days and 96.85 percent, respectively.

The average interest rate paid by Orlando homebuyers in April decreased to 4.39 percent. Last month, homebuyers paid an average interest rate of 4.43 percent; this month last year, homebuyers paid an average interest rate of 3.49 percent.

May 2014 eNewsletter: Lowe’s 10% coupon, Heathrow and Down Payment Assistance

May 2014 eNewsletter